Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brynlee 3 Months

Okay so here are some of her 3 month pictures. The white dress is her blessing dress that my Mom made. I realized on her blessing day after she was asleep and her dress was off that I hadn't taken any pictures of her in it, opps. Luckily she could still wear it. She was very smiley and it was hard to pick only a few.
I liked the look on her face when we put the flower in front of her. Pink was invented just for her I am sure of it she looks so cute in pink.
I have a picture like this of Kenna as well at the same age. They look the same only with a little more weight on Bryn and a different bow on the head. Anyway enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Festival

Our favorite Orchard, Linvilla, holds various festivals throughout the year when fruit or vegetables are ripe and ready to pick. This weekend was the Apple Festival. Since dad's needed to study Stephanie and I took the kids. They had so much fun! They have wagons that you can use to put your apples in as you pick them. Kenna had a lot of fun being the one to pull the wagon. Being that she was the only kid that could walk made it an easy choice, but she felt like the chosen one anyway.
We chose red delicious to eat and Johny Gold to make apple cobbler with for FHE. They do a really nice thing, before you start picking they give you a sheet of paper that tell you which apples are best for what. Very helpful at least it is for me. Kenna had fun picking the apples. When she would pick one she would assign it to a family member, if it was a big apple it was a "daddy" apple, medium ones were mine, and small ones were hers. They didn't have any Bryn apples because Bryn doesn't have teeth. As you can see we got a good bunch of apples. We may be able to do Apple Cobbler a for dessert a few nights. I had dressed Bryn in a cute pair of overalls that had an apple on it and had wonderful plans to take her picture in the wagon full of apples but she chose to fall asleep so here is what I got instead . After apple picking we headed over and got some lunch. Being the apple festival they had every kind of apple to try, and if it could be made with apples it was. They have different characters show up and perform for the kids. We saw Dora and Diego, as well as Elmo. Last year Kenna thought this was great, this year she was excited to watch the show but she was quick to realize that Dora and Diego were not the real McCoy and she was a little freaked out. She kept saying I don't want them to touch me. After I promised her that they wouldn't she was able to relax and have fun. Other activities that they have on festival days are, face painting, hayrides, pie eating contests, and pony rides. I gave her a choice of 1 and she picked a pony ride she was in heaven. We then of course let her play on the play equipment that they have and feed some of the roosters. We really do love this place!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Zoo

Yesterday we decided that since we only have a few nice days left we would go to the zoo with whoever wanted to go. It turned out that a lot of people wanted to go. We got up bright and early and got to the zoo 10 min after it opened. In fact we were the 2nd car to park in the parking lot! The first and third were some of the people who came with us. Morning time is definately the time to go to the zoo. The animals were all so active! We saw the Polar bears swimming, the elephants were running around making quite the dust cloud and the Amur tiger triplets were rommping around having a blast. We had a few first time zoo visitors with us. Fox (11 months old) he had an amazing blast, Henery (9 months), and Olivia (16months) whose dad is a new student this year. Kenna wore herself out running all over the zoo with Kyle, and Spencer her two little buddies. While in the petting zoo combing a goat it went ahead and relieved itself on her shoe, she was not impressed and I was completely grossed out! Also in the children's zoo they have a tractor that the kids can play on. This took a good half an hour. Bryn was cute and hung out in the stroller she likes to be sitting up now all of the time so I adjusted the stroller seat to accomidate her she looked so big. She was a big hit at the zoo among the adults, I am sure it was because of the cute purple bow on her head! I guess she is huge for her age, everyone told me how fun the 6 month age is, I agreed with them and then told them that she was 3 months. Bryn loved the large river Otters and watched them dive and swim around forever her eyes wide open. One swam over to the window and she jumped a little and than began laughing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

We went to our favorite orchard today with some of our friends who will be doing playgroup with us this year, Fiona, William, and Thomas. They had fun playing on the playground and then going over to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. The one Kenna picked out didn't seem to be all that heavy but she sure is holding it like it is. Thomas and Kenna are good friends anytime they go anywhere they hold hands as they go. It is so cute. Bryn was good as always and was very tolerant to being propped up by a pumpkin for a cute fall photo. Having two girls is so much fun!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

At least she waited until

After church to dye her face "Berry Sparkle" with my lip gloss. I was feeding Bryn and Kenna was quiet (always a sign of disaster) when I asked what she was doing she said "just doing my makeup mom". I went upstairs to find her looking in the mirror putting on my lip gloss. I asked why she didn't just put it on her lips, she said "um because I couldn't see it very much". Little stinker. If this happens to anyone else Mary Kay cleansing clothes took it off better than the soap and warm water.

One... two.. roll

Yesterday Evening I put Bryn on her play mat so she could enjoy her favorite time of the day tummy time. She will lay on her tummy forever looking at herself in the mirror. But this time she played for awhile then instead of crying when her muscles hurt from holding herself up she rolled onto her back. I grabbed the camera and took a picture of her on her belly and then on her back. She rolls too fast for me to be able to get her on her side. I will use my mom's camera in a few weeks and then I will be able to get it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kenna really wanted me to take a picture of her with "her Bryn" so I did. I can never get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. We have had an uneventful day, just running errands and Dr. appointments. They may not look at the camera at the same time but at least they nap at the same time. I am getting some much needed house work done that I sure will all be undone as soon as they wake up. Kenna has said and done a few funny things this past week that I need to blog about. 1) She is singing everything. It is like I am living in a musical she randomly bursts in to song. She will sing about what ever she is doing, coloring, eating and then she will get up and dance around. It is really cute. 2) She got lost in the store a few weeks ago; so I went over what to do if someone was trying to take her somewhere she didn't want to go. I told her to start screaming that she didn't want to go with the person and that she wanted her Mommy. And to yell and kick and scream as loud as she could. Well... a few days later we are at Target and she didn't want to leave and I was trying to get her out of the store so finally I just took her by the hand and started to go for the door. Little poop did exactly what I told her to do if someone was trying to take her somewhere she didn't want to go. She kicked screamed and yelled "I don't want to go with you I want my Mommy" She made quite the scene. A few people asked if she was okay and I assured them that I was the Mommy!! A lady asked her if I was her mom and she said yes and I don't want to leave. When we got to the van I was more specific about who "someone" was.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kenna had her first day of Pre-school today! She was so excited she kept telling Brad that she was going to go to school just like him. And had a hard time going to sleep last night. She wanted a picture of her backpack so her Papa could see it. She learned about colors and made a fun rainbow with frootloops. She also made a fun game with shapes. She was so cute when I went to pick her up she wanted to know when she could come back to school. I love her she is so cute.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What a fun week!!

It is places like Outer Banks that make you realize that a Divine hand went into creating this world. It was so beautiful. We had so much fun. Here is what we did. With a few pictures.
We spent most of out time on the beach with all of our wonderful friends. Carter brought a soccer ball and we had a good game of soccer for goal posts we used flip flops.
Kenna had a ball playing with all of her friends. She loved wearing her "suitkinni" on the beach. Her and her friends played in the sand and water for hours. Her good friend Claire and her made a beautiful castle with tons of help from Claire's and Thomas' dads.
I took a few of them one evening on a seashell hunt and they found so really good ones as well as a few jellyfish that had washed up to the shore. Even Bryn tried out t he ocean and found it okay but preferred to sleep on the shore to the sounds of the waves under the umbrella than in the water. We also spent a good amount of time in the pool if the kids were awake they were playing hard.
We went to see the light houses, I thought that was neet as I had never seen one before. The ones that we saw were the Hatteras which is the tallest and Boddie Island which is the oldest. We also went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. It was very interesting to see all the research that they did to figure out how to make men fly.We all played hard and played the kids harder. After dinner every night the kids would all be put to bed early. I don't think anyone besides the infants took naps during the day. Then all of the parents would play. Xbox was a favorite among the husbands as well as football on the beach and crabbing (they actually caught a few and I have no idea were I put the pictures). While the girls made headbands and bows and made braclets and binki holders out of beads. We played tons of fun games and went for runs on the beach. Something about running on the beach makes you run farther and faster it must be the surroundings and elevation. We all had so much fun that plans are already in the works for next year. We had 12 couples, and 17 children, and 1 very happy dog. Everyone had an absolute blast. We love our friends and the support they are to us here in Philly. We also appretiate our families in Idaho, Utah, and Kansas, who are supporting us in every way that they think of.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A day at the Beach

Here is what we did on the second day. We spent the whole day on the beach and had an absolute blast. Kenna and her friends spent most of the time digging in the dirt and building things. Brad and I tried our hand at body boarding. It is a little tricky to catch a wave and ride it in. We were both a little sore the next day. Bryn slept on the beach in the nice baby beach shade we bought her, I'll take a picture tomorrow and send it so you know what I am talking about. We ended the day with flying a kite that the Whitings had brought the kids all thought that was neat and finding seashells that had been washed up.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Greatings from North Carolina

Nags Head NC to be exact. This is the beach house we are renting this week with some friends from Dental School and the ward. We have 2 houses 9 couples in this one and 4 couples in a condo a few doors down. It was a long drive from our house, about 6 1/2 hours. We got here on Saturday and we have until next Saturday to play!

Here is Kenna walking along the boardwalk from the back porch to the beach. Because it is a row of private residences the beach is not crowded.
This is Kenna and Kyle playing in the ocean after church on Sunday. They have a small branch here and us as visitors quadrupled the sacrament meating attendance.
They have matching outfits so we had to take pictures of them together. A wave knocked them over and got them all wet. Had we been thinking we would of taken pictures of them trying to stand up and being hit by the wave instead of just helping them get up.
This is the back view of the house it has a pool and a hot tub.
This is the view from the back deck in the morning before we headed to church. It is so beautiful here. We are thinking 2009 family reunion? We will add more through out the week of our fun trip to NC.