Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday something very rare happened. The clinic was closed so Brad had no patients and I didn't have to work! We took advantage of this much needed family time and headed to Gettysburg for a day trip. The Kane's let us borrow their audio tour CD and we used that to go through the park. We stopped a lot to explore and let the girls run around. The big highlights for Kenna was the rocks and Devils Den (she immediately wanted to climb them) and the cometary because that is where Abraham Lincoln spoke. Bryn was just happy to be there and thought the cannons were neat. Every time she saw one she would say look at that one momma! The funny part was they all looked the same. We also went to the hall of Presidents were they had some wax statues of all 44 Presidents. We wore everyone out and then headed home.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We had a great 4th. We went to the local parade here in our Borough so it was small and only lasted 45 min. It is perfect for little kids. Another plus is it is only 2 blocks from our house so we could walk there and back. The girls thought it was fabulous. Kenna who just enjoys life period got excited about everything from the firetrucks to the banjos in the string bands. It didn't take Bryn long to realize that this was a candy getting opportunity and we had to grab her a few times as she kept running into the street for the candy. The picture to the left is right before we left for the parade so they are nice and clean. Although I put sunscreen on her poor Bryn was still burnt by the time we got home. The rest of the day involved just being home. The girls played outback with dad in the pool took a nice nap. We ended the evening with a BBQ at our friends house everyone brought fireworks and we did our own little display for the kids. It was so nice and relaxing and the kids really enjoyed having a family day. When I asked what Kenna's favorite part of the day was she said "Dad didn't have to go see patients today."
I personally like the photo of the girls and dad waiting for the parade to start. The baby in the stroller has been taken everywhere lately by Bryn. If we think we are going to get out of the house without it we will soon be sorry. She will even remind us at times to "not forget the baby". Dad spraying them with the hose may have cost about $10 in water but the squeals of delight from it made it well worth the money.
Because we are rarely all together we had to get a photo. Bryn found the park so much fun with dad. Brad would bounce the bridge and she would giggle and giggle and then ask him to do it again. What would the 4th be without sparklers and local ER's being filled with burns caused by them. My dad may remember in the early 80's my Grama Norby purchasing some sparklers for us grand kids. I am sure with that purchase she had visions of all the kids having a great time with them. I do believe all 10 of us got burnt and a lot of crying took place. When I purchased these sparklers I was sure that in the past 30 years great improvements would have been made in their engineering. Alas this was not so, short stick and spouting fire, fun but carries some risk. Luckily no one was hurt. And the kids all enjoyed them.
The kids all cheering for the finale and the finale.