Wednesday, January 30, 2008

After having the camera for a month I decided that maybe I better download all of the pictures I had taken and update the blog! The new card hold tons! I downloaded 421 and still had tons of room left on the picture card. Sorry for the long delay I will not allow it to happen again! Enjoy all of the new posts!

Franklin Institute

Kenna, Bryn, and I went to the Franklin Institute so that the house would be quiet for the studding taking place in the basement. This place is awesome! When you come next we will go it is a great museum. This is Kenna in front of the statue of Ben Franklin.
One of the Electricity exhibits.
The giant Heart. You can walk through it and follow the path of blood in and out of your heart.
A scale you can stand on that will tell by your weight how much blood in heart. Kenna had 3 cups, I had 15 cups!
This game you pick the ailment and then pull a lever and a ball rolls through and then lands at a particular time period. Then it tells you the treatment for that ailment during that time period.
A paper making exhibit. And we only visited one floor. We need to go back and do the other 2!

The last load of laundry

There is nothing more magnificent to a stay at home mom than the last load of laundry coming out of the dryer. The warmth, the succulent smell of Bounce simple pleasures (Lavender and Vanilla). It may be the only time she will run up the stairs to fold it just so she can say for 1 day, "MY LAUNDRY IS DONE". The last load of laundry is just as exciting to a 7 month old who has become a pro at pulling herself up to standing position. But for different reasons than mine. It is magnificent to see them unravel out of a folded state when pulled on. Even better is the way they float to the ground when dropped.

Washington D.C.

My Dad was in D.C last week so Kenna, Bryn, and I went to see him. We had a good visit even though it was short. Kenna really wanted to go to the Pentagon, only because that is where Grandpa was going to be. So to get her to go anywhere else I would put Pentagon in front of the places we went, i.e The Pentagon White house.
We went to the Air and space museum because the one we wanted to go to (American History) was closed and the air and space had a few of the American history stuff there. She was intrigued by the hat Lincoln wore when he died. She calls him Hinclon, She gets Hinkley and Lincoln mixed up.
But what took the cake was the 1960's Barbie. I think we should hire the marketing people at Mattel to promote good morals in our kids, the are doing such a good job convincing 3 year olds that they need everything Barbie I am sure that they would succeed. We also went to Fords theater and to the House where Lincoln Died.

A nice warm day in January

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful day (high 60's) so we all loaded up and went to the zoo. It was fabulous not to,hot not to cold, not that crowded.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bryn's First Christmas Gift

She got the bow off with out a problem. The look on her face truly says it all, "Why are you all staring at me and clapping?" After Kenna showed her how to rip the paper she had fun.Tearing and crumbling it in her hand was not completely satisfying so she went a head and tasted it.
I like how excited she was when she got the box open! It was so exhausting for the poor kid we couldn't get a smile out of her when we put her in the jammies in front of the tree.