Friday, August 28, 2009

Week three at our house

Dressing up in Kenna's cowboy hat and flip flops has been fun for Bryn. As well as talking to Aunt Jessica and Ryan on the phone. What she is saying here to Aunt Jessica is that she would like some dorky boy socks to go with her outfit and would like to borrow some of hers. Actually she was asking if Ryan could come and play next Sunday. Cuddling and snuggling with Lauren has been fun for all. Kenna is looking forward to starting Kindergarten on Tuesday. She will be participating in an on-line charter school available to PA residents as an alternative to public schools (we live in a crappy school district) and you had to be 4 1/2 by September 1st to start this year. She is beyond ready. Brad and I have looked at the lessons, she will be done with Kindergarten Math in 2 weeks. This has its advantages where ever we move she can test out of Kindergarten and go 1st grade. Lauren has enjoyed her bath time. The wash clothes that we have are as big as she is, and she loves to have a warm one wrapped around her. As you can see from the photos it produced a smile. Summer wouldn't be complete without a trip (or two or three) to Linvilla Orchards. We went and picked some peaches, pears and two of the biggest tomatoes Kenna had ever seen. Bryn had a good time even though she was a tidge on the short side. She stood on her toes and got this one. She was very proud of it. She carried her peach around in a little box. Here is Bryn and her Giant Peach!

Kenna and her load of peaches.

Jessica was right (feel free to gloat Jess)

Photo #1 is Lauren
Photo #2 is Brynlee
Photo #3 is McKenna

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor Lauren

and poor us too. I took Lauren to the Dr. yesterday, we had a weight check scheduled but she has been coughing and having a hard time catching her breath after a coughing fit so they we going to follow up with us as the coughing fits had landed us in the ER over the weekend. We called her pediatrician and told him what was going on. He said that with her heart he didn't want to wait until Monday to have her evaluated and instructed us to take her to CHOP.While in the ER they did another chest x-ray showing in fact that her heart does still have the VSD and it is not getting smaller on its own, the echo showed the same. Lungs were clear however. So at the Dr Lauren showed him her stuff and had a very good coughing fit for the Dr. After looking her over he looked at me and asked "has she had a fever?" Nope I said he then said "she has an ear infection in her left ear". My kids and their EARS!!! Normally they don't get an infection until 6 months but hey she has thrown us lots of curve balls so far so why not have an infection at 17 days old. After another really good looking over to make sure nothing else was going on he put her on Antibiotics. She takes it really well. Hopefully we won't need to sleep upright with her after tonight.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Name the Murray Girl

Photo #1

Photo #2
So we were looking at baby pictures of our girls. Before we looked we made a comment that they all look a little different. Then again maybe not. Can you tell who is who? Leave your guesses in the comments.
Photo #3

To me this photo sums up Bryn's personality.

Past two weeks

This is for the most part what has been going on. The first week home both of us got sleepy really easy. Week two I can actually stay awake for 10 hours, Lauren still just likes to sleep but is giving us some more awake time. She is a really good baby. She sleeps well, eats well, and is very fun to snuggle. She doesn't cry if she needs something she just squawks it sounds like this Aaak. When she does this Bryn will inform us that "baby Lauren is making noises"
Her big sisters have loved having her. Bryn has gotten better about being soft. She says sweet things to her like "my baby" and "I am here Lauren". Kenna always asks if she can "watch on her".
Bryn really enjoys using the bobby pillow to hold her. I think Lauren appreciates it as well. I am sure she feels a lot more secure laying on the bobby then being in a two year olds arms. She also loves to snuggle with her dad.
Back in May I started working on this quilt for the baby and we got it done this week. I am proud of it and will most likely make another.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Potty Training Bryn

Day one went really well. She was dry all day. We decided pull-ups were not working and went strait to underwear. She went to church and came home in the same outfit she was sent in. Day Two made us question if we should even bother with a day Three. She not once went potty in the toilet. Day Three we felt like we were committed and went ahead with a day three. She did much better this day. I would like to say that it was my parenting skills but in all reality I think it was the Dora Underwear Grandma Norby had bought for her. So far it has now been a week and she is doing well. Pull ups only at nap time and bedtime. She only has one accident a day on average and we are working that out, it is too time consuming to come in from the backyard to go potty.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you kidding me!

So being stuck in the hospital during recovery I have learned a few things. 1st I never want a c-section again! 2nd the only good t.v is the stuff I DVR and everything else is crap. I have watched a lot the past 3 days as all I have to do is walk around, feed baby, waste time online, or watch t.v. Here is a list of odd things I have seen on t.v. while flipping through channels in the past 4 days.

  • Did anyone know that their is an Air Guitar championship? Well their is. It tours 25 cities and has a championship in D.C. if that isn't odd enough the championship is actually televised and is about as good as it gets for t.v viewing at around 2 am while feeding.
  • Danny Davis Ministries will sell you "No Evil Oil" to "anoint" your bills, home, family pictures and what not. It comes with biblical instructions on how to use it.
  • Spanish acting is horrible
  • from about 11 am to 3pm you have your choice of 4 different court shows to watch.
  • the Hallmark channel could be the Golden Girls channel.

I only have to be in the hospital for 6 more hours and I am counting the time!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day two

Today we both spent the day sleeping. What a better thing to do on a Sunday. I would like to thank the wonderful chemist who came up with the drug Percocet that allowed me the ability to sleep comfortably through the day. Most importantly she has a name. Lauren Elise Murray. It fits her perfectly. Feminine and petite.

Day One

What did you do on your first day? Here is what she did. Got lovingly mauled by two big sisters.

Who are so excited that their little sister is here they are having a hard time being soft. Bryn keeps saying "I love her" and Kenna just wants to hold her. They went with Grama Sherri to get some gifts for their sister and were very excited to bring them to her. They both got her a little blanket and a toy. Kenna of course got a pink dog that is a rattle. Bryn got her a little lady bug rattle.Grama also entertained them by having them make these big sister crowns they were so cute walking into the hospital with them on. It has been such a blessing to have Sherri here we haven't needed to worry about Kenna and Bryn at all. She just stepped right up and has taken over the stuff I can't do.
Grama was also very smart and got both the girls a little bag of goodies from their little sister. Complete with a treat and colored pencils notebook and beads. They went right to work coloring pictures for "baby sister's" crib.
Our friends the Traverso's delivered their 3rd boy 8 minutes before we delivered our 3rd girl. Here are the nameless little ones
Gave Grama Sherri some open eye time and lots of snuggles.

Friday, August 7, 2009

She's Here!!!

So Thursday evening at about 9:30 Adrienne's water broke. That meant that the time was nigh at hand for the baby to be delivered. We went to Delaware County Memorial Hospital and got checked into our room. Then they pretty much stalled us all night so that the doctors could get their beauty sleep. At about 8:30 Friday morning they started Adrienne on Pitocin (makes the contractions stronger ending in childbirth). They started her epidural about 11:00 a.m. At 12:45 she started pushing to deliver the baby. The nurse was cheerleading Adrienne's efforts to shoot the baby across the room in record delivery time, but as the doctor went to check for the baby, he told Adrienne to stop pushing. Turns out the baby was breech (upside down, i.e.: coming out bum first instead of head first). So, they told us to stay calm and we would do a C-section delivery. First of all, for anyone who has gone through the emotions involved with childbirth, there is no such thing as calm. At least not with us. So we put our best game faces on and a short time later our baby girl was born. We still don't know what we are going to call her, but I'm sure we'll come up with something other than "baby" or "little sister" soon. Stay tuned. She was born August 7th 2009 at 1:47 p.m. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 5 1/2 ounces She measured 18 1/2 inches long She, unlike our other two girls at birth, has hair!!!