Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lauren's One Year Photos

So really she is 13 1/2 months in these, but hey she looks the same as she did a month in a half ago. I made the tutu and the headband. Taking pictures of a child who can walk, and doesn't like to hold still is a little tricky. We took quite a few but these are just 3 of my favorites. Enjoy looking at her cuteness!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lost Tooth

Kenna lost her first tooth on Thursday. She is so excited. She pulled it out herself! As soon as it was inspected by Dad she ran to the mirror to "check it out". Then immediately called Grandma and Grandpa to tell them.

I would like to also congratulate Brad on being able to show great self restraint and let her pull it herself.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bryn goes to the Dentist.

Bryn had an appointment the other day with the Dentist. She was very excited to go. They love Dad's office. She was a little confused at first when I told her we were going to the Dentist, she kept saying we are going to have Dad do it Mom. It was hard for her to understand that Brad has more than one role in life.

I thought she would be nervous as the last time we went to the Dentist she was. She was anything but scared. I guess since Brad looks in their mouths on almost a daily basis this made it no big deal. She now refers to him as Dr. Dad Murray (so cute).
Just as a side note: as I was waiting I noticed his diploma on the wall and framed. It made me smile. I had only seen it in a folder, it looks so much more impressive when it is matted and framed.

Bryn's 1t Day

Bryn started Preschool this week. Her first day was Tuesday. She was so excited. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 2 pm. She loves having somewhere to go. I was sad as she didn't want me to take her to school she wanted Dad to take her in his silver car. So he did. I am not sure what was more exciting to her, her backpack or taking a lunch in a lunch box. She had a good day and is enjoying her new friends. Mom and Lauren are enjoying our alone time on those days.
I love how in this picture her backpack is about the same size as her.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Didn't I Just Take This Photo Yesterday?

This is a picture of Kenna in Yellowstone about a month before we moved to Philadelphia so she is 20 months old here. (see how "bear actually looks like a bear, you should see him now but that is another post). Kenna started First Grade this week. Are you thinking to yourself 1st grade, um shouldn't she be in kindergarten? Well yes she is only 5, but I did an online cyber charter school last year in Pa for Kindergarten. Therefore she was able to be registered for 1st grade here in TX even though she isn't six yet. Now mind you I have been stressing out a bit by this. I wasn't sure she was ready for 1st grade and I was giving myself ulcers over it All the thought of is she going to struggle, she will be so much younger than everyone (you have to be 6 by Sept 1st to enroll in 1st grade normally), what if she doesn't do well and they move her back is she going to be made fun of. Basically if I could think of it I stressed over it. However, after talking to the Assistant Principal and the Lead 1st grad teacher we all decided to enroll her in 1st grade and see how she does. Well she is doing GREAT! She is having no problem with the curriculum in fact she is ahead a little from the others and has stated a few times that she is bored. She likes going to school and having homework. I am relieved and enjoy hearing about her days, Bryn is bored without Kenna at home and I have had to find was to entertain her that doesn't involve pestering Lauren.Here is a picture of her on her first day. I think no matter how big she gets I will still think of her in terms of the above photo


If I wanted your advice I would have asked!

I got my fair share of unsolicited advice on parenting today. If people are trying to make their quota; don't suggest anything to me this month, wait until next. Otherwise you will have a more socially inappropriate response than was your intrusion was on my parenting.

Incident number 1) At story time this morning with Bryn. 10:45 hits and Lauren is reading to nurse, so she comes over and tugs a little on my shirt. Now I understand that nursing in public may bother some so when we are out I use my Hooter Hider (yes that is what it is called). A stranger next to me asked how old my baby was. I replied she just turned one. I then received an ear-full from this woman on how if my "child" (a one year old is still a baby thank you) tugs on my shirt than she is too old to still nurse. I was shocked and found myself justifying to stranger as to why I am nursing (had heart surgery, a lot of environmental changes etc.). Left library angry at this woman and mad at myself for feeling like I had to justify my actions to her.
Incident number 2) This afternoon I had to go to Target for a few things. I had a choice to make before I left my house. Option one take unhappy Bryn to Target and have a miserable shopping experience. Option two take Bonjor Butterfly (Bryn dressed as a butterfly she calls herself bonjor butterfly) with me to Target and have a wonderful experience. I chose to take BonJor Butterfly with me. Most people got a kick out of a 3 year old dressed as a butterfly sitting in a cart and singing her heart out. However one Nosie Nelly ( the clerk) had to question if I was teaching her to be socially appropriate by allowing her to go to the store dressed as a butterfly. Determined not to walk out of the store mad at myself, I asked the girl if she had any kids, her response was no (of course). I then told her that one day she may and she will learn that sometimes the little things aren't worth a big fight. The mother behind me said "well put".

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Lauren

Today was Lauren's birthday. I think this had been thefastest, and the most stressful one of my life. In one year this little onehad beenthrough more than most. She has proven to be a tough and determined littlegirl. She is so quick to please and always has a smile.She loves purses, shoes, and jewelry. If it is round she tries to putit over her head like a necklace. She sure had been a fun addition. We are grateful for her, and for all the of the blessings that have come with her. Here is a little photo of her life. Starting with day one.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We are here in Texas and loving it. We are adjusting well. It took us a few days longer than we thought to find a house but we finally found one in Grand Prairie that is perfect for us. The girls and I have been able to go and do some fun things.They have great kid stuff here. When I finally find the camera cord I will download some pictures of our adventures on the way out.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post OP day 3

We are still in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit). She has all of the pacers and tubes out and is down to one I.V. site. Poor little peanut is not liking the morphine. It is causing it usual symptom, itching, constipation, and upset stomach. She didn't eat at all yesterday or today so far. Anything she does swallow comes up moments afterwords. They told us that she will limit her mobility herself, if it hurts she won't do it. I have not seen her hold so still for so long since she was a newborn. Because she has all of her pacers and extra I.V.'s out they are hoping to move her out of intensive care and to the main cardiac care unit. She is however doing well considering what she went through 2 days ago. Thanks for all of your prayers and help.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Post OP. Day 2

As you can see she is doing much better. She got her chest tube out today and her Arterial line was removed as well. This has given her a bit more mobility so she is less anxious. She has opened her eyes a few times today, but only for a few minutes. They are still keeping her on the drugged side so she doesn't hurt herself. She has a few "normal" arrhythmia's that are typically seen after open heart surgery so they are monitoring those still. She is eating a little. We have just been putting a bottle in her mouth and she is drinking about 80-90 ml every three hours or so. I am pleased with her progress. Hopefully we will be able to hold her today.

Kenna wanted to send her some flowers. I told her that I wasn't sure if they would let flowers on her unit. So she drew some flowers in a vase for her instead. The squares around the flowers is the table clothe I had to ask Kenna what they were and she answered in a tone implying I was an idiot, "it's the table clothe mom".
We taped the picture on the foot of her bed so Lauren could see it. Kenna and Bryn are excited to come tomorrow and see her. This makes mom nervous as Bryn is not a gentle child.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lauren's surgery went well. While closing the VSD they found she had a small ASD as well so they closed that hole too. She did very well. She has been out of surgery for 2 hours now. She is off the ventilator but still has some O2 by way of a nasal cannula. If all goes well she will have the chest tube out tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers and help with the McKenna and Brynlee. We so very much appreciate it.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Surgery Date

We have set Lauren's surgery date for May 6th. She will undergo an open heart procedure to fix her VSD. I will be spending the next few days stressing over everything that could be stressed about (sometimes ignorance is bliss). She will be in C.I.C.U for a few days and then in the hospital for a week. The doctors say that she will be back to her old self in about 4-6 weeks after the procedure. p.s for those of you who are interested here is a you tube link to see the procedure. It is an actual procedure so if blood or anything medical makes you squeamish you should pass.


Such a wonderful word!! When you hear the word pass you may think of many different things. Some may think of a pass as something you would do with a football, soccer, or basketball. Depending on where you live you may think of a road with a 10% grade covered with snow and ice, no guardrail, and only 12 feet wide for two lanes of traffic. Pass may be something you would like to do when stuck behind a school bus. At our house it means Brad has PASSED his Dental Board Examinations and can now be a lisenced Dentist.

Lauren 9 Months

Lauren is getting so big!! She is very mobile now she crawls, pulls up onto furniture, and moves along the furniture (although very wabley). She smiles easily, has a fabulous laugh, and is so fun to have. She says a few things, the usual, mom, dad, and up. Up in this case is Jump and she loves to jump. She will spend hours in the jumparoo jumping away. The new love of her life is Cheerios. She has a little friend at daycare named Brooklyn and they are two of the cutest little baldies ever. This week she just learned to clap and wave. She is one tough cookie! I went and got this photos taken of her today and they all turned out so cute. I really liked the ones with the blue flowers they really made those blue eyes pop. The pink and red outfit was sent to us by my grandma.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

They really do love each other

Lately I feel like Brad and I need to wear Black and White shirts and have whistles around our necks. We are spending a lot of time refereeing fights between Kenna and Bryn. Most of the problem comes from Kenna wanting to boss Bryn, and Bryn not wanting to be bossed. They play well for a little while and then end up fighting. This is how they fell asleep the other day after an evening of fighting over couch territory.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

  1. As my time in Philadelphia is growing to a close, (105 days at time of this post), I am finding myself a little torn. Part of me can hardly wait to get out of here and start the next phase of our lives as contributing members of society, receiving a paycheck rather than a quarterly interest statement. While the other part is a little sad to leave. I have learned a lot, met a ton of wonderful people that will be life long friends, and have enjoyed all that the east side of this wonderful country has to offer. This is my top 10 things learned in Philadelphia.
  • Speed limits are merely suggestions
  • Green means go and Yellow means GO FASTER
  • You have 5 solid seconds after a light turns red to still go through it.
  • Never for any reason park in the city.
  • No matter what you hear about Pat's or Gino's the best place to get a cheese steak is at Old City Pizzeria
  • Rita's Water Ice is the best thing ever on a nasty humid hot day.
  • WATER is said ouwader
  • A Broadway show at the Kimmel Center is every bit as good as a Broadway in NY
  • Lancaster has some the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen
  • All cities should be set up on a grid system with all streets running N,S, E, W. As this is not the case the team that put together the Garmin GPS is all going to Heaven.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Her Royal Highness

Kenna thought Lauren needed a crown. As Lauren is a needed child and demands a lot of attention we have nick named her "Her Royal Highness".