Monday, October 13, 2008

This one is for Jess

My sisters Jessica's little boy (as you can see in the photo) has hair that well runs perpendicular to his head. So cute! I call this "Lewis hair" as I have seen this trend on both Teagan (Tom's Nephew) and Lydia and Jane (Tom's Nieces) I find it absolutely adorable and would give anything for a baby with that much hair and would care less what way it stood. Alas I have been blessed with baldies that look just like me or my sister Tiffany. And Jessica has been blessed with kids that look like their dad. After Bryn's bath the other night I was blowing her dry like we always do. She has some hair on the top of her head now and when I was done it was perpendicular to her head. I laughed and thought this is what Jessica's kids would look like if she ever has one that looks like a Norby. Enjoy Jess .


So I realize that this is a little late but we have been very busy with life since returning from our annual Outer Banks NC trip. We had a ton of fun. We spent some fabulous time on the beach. Went and saw some of the stuff about Blackbeard (a real pirate who's birth name was Edward Teach), went on a boat and saw dolphins out in the wild this was amazing. It was a wonderful family vacation. Kenna's favorite part was as she says "the whole thing". Bryn loved the sand and running around with Tanner. Brad and I loved the beach and the dolphins. Here are some of the photos.

On the Ferry. This threw our GPS for a whirl. It kept saying recalculating and showed the picture of the car in the middle of the Ocean. Teach's Hole
Dolphins Flying a Kite Family Photos