Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rock climbing like Uncle Tom

While at the Family Fun Center Kenna begged and begged and finally won a chance to go up the rock wall. Since last summer all she talks about wanting to do is to go climb a rock and slide down with Uncle Tom again. Now may I add here that while buying the $4 ticket I was sure this was going to be a waste of money. No way I thought is she going to be able to do this. Her rock climbing had only been done up to this point strapped to Uncle Toms back as neither Brad nor I are confident in our skills to strap her to us. We were absolute surprised when off she went up this wall. She made it quit a ways up and impressed us. She got a little over half way up and the only reason she stopped at that point was because the notches were now to far apart and her arms just a hair short. She wanted me to put these pictures on so Uncle Tom could see. So Uncle Tom here is Kenna going up the wall.

Bryn's Turns 2!

It is crazy for me to have her be two! Sometimes I look at her and think you are still a baby! She has been so fun and her personality is wonderful to have around, she likes to tease, bug her sister, and if she does something that needs an apology she won't say sorry unless she is, try as we may so if you every get an "I'm sorry" from her know it is sincere. She is a little chatter box and has plenty to say about everything. We love her perception on things for example Brad doesn't mow the lawn he vacuums the lawn. She loves to give hugs and kisses and we all love getting them from her. Here are some of the pics from her day. Unfortunately the majority of it was spent at Kenna's dance rehearsal but she really had no idea of the concept of "birthday" until we took the cake out after dinner.
This is the girls leaving the rehearsal. Bryn is wearing her birthday outfit bought for her by Ms. Kelly from work.
Brad didn't want to have little spit droppings on his slice of cake (nor did the rest of us for that matter) so he did a few practice runs with Bryn on how to blow out a candle.
Here she is blowing them out. She was completely please with the results and asked to do it again.
We took them after dinner to the Oasis Family Fun Center. They have mini golf, arcade games, and the reason we went a large indoor play yard. They girls had a blast and wore themselves out entirely. Bryn ran and ran from slide to slide laughing the whole time it was well worth it, even Brad and I had fun with them.
The ball area is called Ballocity. Everything is done with soft balls and air. It was a ton of fun, this really brought out the little boy in Brad. Bryn and Kenna both fell asleep on the way home so we opened presents for Bryn on Sunday. She got some puzzles, My first doll house, and a Dressy Daisy Doll.

Dance 2009

Kenna did dance again this year and absolutely loved it once again. It has been over for a week and she is already wanting to know when it is time again. We take her to Cathie Collins School of Dance and they are wonderful. Ms. Cathie has been doing this for 25 years and the teachers are all phenominal. Infact Brad was shocked durinrg the teacher performance that a woman who was in her 40's and had survived cancer 2 times could still dance like that. The dress rehearsal was on a Saturday and this is when they allow parents to record and take pictures. The School is huge and has 4 performances Sunday matinee and then night, Monday night, and Tuesday night each 3 hours long to accommodate all the girls(and preschoolers only perform in one). Even with the school that large they know all girls, their families and siblings by first names. Kenna was in the Sunday matinee performance and did a great job. They were in the opening number entitled Under the Sea. After her performance she sat by us and watched the rest of the program on the edge of her seat wide eyed. We recorded it bu not on the right camera to post so her are a few pictures of her.
Kenna and Kelsie from her class.
Getting ready to start.
The Dance: