Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mothers Day and Twirly Skirts

Isn't it beautiful! This is what I got for Mothers Day. My old one ( a hand me down from like early 1960's) finally hit the dust. Well it made dust when it's all metal frame came into contact with the cement floor in the basement. Oops. After many attempts to fix the bobbin issue and a few calls to the Singer people (in India?). We broke down and went to Joanne's and purchased this model. I LOVE IT! I can sew a beautiful straight line. I have hemmed scrubs, and made Twirly Skirts for my girls. I am attempting this week to make pajamas for Kenna. I am nervous as this involves lines that are not all straight. I only had to call my mom 10 times before I got started. This was my first "sewing without someone who knows what they are doing right beside me experience." Brad's mom came for a visit and helped a little with my first skirt. After that I became slightly out of control and have made 4 for each kid. Here are a few of them. I also have made a sundress for them when we go to the beach.
Are they not adorable! I can think of a few girls who need to have twirly skirts, Whitney (Jess just have mom see link below), Rivka's little girl would look ravishing in one as she is about the same size as Bryn. Bonnie's girls and Bonnie's niece Molly (Bonnie DO NOT talk to Savannah while sewing)! And Paige and Rylee. Here is the website to go to for a tutorial on how to do it. Have fun!http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/photos/twirly_skirt/index.html

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chocolate World

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Brad had his White Coat ceremony this last weekend. He can now work on patients his days of typodonts are over only real teeth and real mouths from here on out! His dad was able to come and "coat him". We are so proud of him for making it this far it had been a tough two years! Everyone pray for compliant patients!

Learning "Cause and Effect"

Bryn had a lesson in Cause and effect. She learned that if you pull a wipe out of the container another pops up (very interesting). She was pleased to find that every time you pulled out a wipe another pops up for you to pull out. This can continue until all wipes are out of package. She also learned that if she causes all of the wipes to come out of the package the effect is mom saying "Brynlee Victoria NO NO NO!"(after taking a good 15 pictures of course). When mom comes down the stairs to investigate the quiet.
For those of you who may be wondering, the wipes you get at Sam's Club contain 85 wipes not the 80 indicated on the package label. They are also very strategically placed in the package. Once removed they don't fit back in as nicely. Also, much to Bryn's disappointment, when placed back in package they lose that nice pop up effect.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Idaho

Kenna, Brynlee, and I went to Idaho in April. Brad stayed home and finished his finals we had a good time. Enjoy the pictures.