Monday, December 1, 2008

Update From Halloween to Thanksgiving

That just shows you how bad I have been about this. So for Halloween Kenna was a Princess and Bryn was a Pea. It was so fun. Kenna understood the get candy and it didn't take Bryn long at all. The first door we went to she held out her bag got a treat, looked in the bag said WOW! followed by Tank U (thank you). They had fun all week with the ward party, a school party, and of course trick or treating.

Kenna turned 4 this year! It is so crazy! She has been so fun to have. She makes us laugh everyday and is so smart. She is learning to read and loves to sit down with mom to read a book. She is very into Barbies and will play with them for hours. For her birthday she wanted a hula hoop, jewelry box, and a big coloring book. She had a party with her friends and was able to take some treats to school for her birthday. These little things were the highlight of her year. Oh to be four and have your biggest worry be to use a Magenta Crayon or a Fuchsia one to color in your My Little Pony coloring book.
For Thanksgiving we stayed home and had Brad's cousin Jake over for the week
as well as some friends dogs. The girls have loved having the dogs over. Kenna asked if she cried would John still take them home? Thank you Jake for coming to visit Kenna keeps talking about riding on a horse with you when she goes to Idaho. Also Thank You John and Terra for letting us have your dogs for the week. Brad I don't want them to go home either we will watch them anytime.