Friday, April 30, 2010

Surgery Date

We have set Lauren's surgery date for May 6th. She will undergo an open heart procedure to fix her VSD. I will be spending the next few days stressing over everything that could be stressed about (sometimes ignorance is bliss). She will be in C.I.C.U for a few days and then in the hospital for a week. The doctors say that she will be back to her old self in about 4-6 weeks after the procedure. p.s for those of you who are interested here is a you tube link to see the procedure. It is an actual procedure so if blood or anything medical makes you squeamish you should pass.


Such a wonderful word!! When you hear the word pass you may think of many different things. Some may think of a pass as something you would do with a football, soccer, or basketball. Depending on where you live you may think of a road with a 10% grade covered with snow and ice, no guardrail, and only 12 feet wide for two lanes of traffic. Pass may be something you would like to do when stuck behind a school bus. At our house it means Brad has PASSED his Dental Board Examinations and can now be a lisenced Dentist.

Lauren 9 Months

Lauren is getting so big!! She is very mobile now she crawls, pulls up onto furniture, and moves along the furniture (although very wabley). She smiles easily, has a fabulous laugh, and is so fun to have. She says a few things, the usual, mom, dad, and up. Up in this case is Jump and she loves to jump. She will spend hours in the jumparoo jumping away. The new love of her life is Cheerios. She has a little friend at daycare named Brooklyn and they are two of the cutest little baldies ever. This week she just learned to clap and wave. She is one tough cookie! I went and got this photos taken of her today and they all turned out so cute. I really liked the ones with the blue flowers they really made those blue eyes pop. The pink and red outfit was sent to us by my grandma.