Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post OP day 3

We are still in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit). She has all of the pacers and tubes out and is down to one I.V. site. Poor little peanut is not liking the morphine. It is causing it usual symptom, itching, constipation, and upset stomach. She didn't eat at all yesterday or today so far. Anything she does swallow comes up moments afterwords. They told us that she will limit her mobility herself, if it hurts she won't do it. I have not seen her hold so still for so long since she was a newborn. Because she has all of her pacers and extra I.V.'s out they are hoping to move her out of intensive care and to the main cardiac care unit. She is however doing well considering what she went through 2 days ago. Thanks for all of your prayers and help.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Post OP. Day 2

As you can see she is doing much better. She got her chest tube out today and her Arterial line was removed as well. This has given her a bit more mobility so she is less anxious. She has opened her eyes a few times today, but only for a few minutes. They are still keeping her on the drugged side so she doesn't hurt herself. She has a few "normal" arrhythmia's that are typically seen after open heart surgery so they are monitoring those still. She is eating a little. We have just been putting a bottle in her mouth and she is drinking about 80-90 ml every three hours or so. I am pleased with her progress. Hopefully we will be able to hold her today.

Kenna wanted to send her some flowers. I told her that I wasn't sure if they would let flowers on her unit. So she drew some flowers in a vase for her instead. The squares around the flowers is the table clothe I had to ask Kenna what they were and she answered in a tone implying I was an idiot, "it's the table clothe mom".
We taped the picture on the foot of her bed so Lauren could see it. Kenna and Bryn are excited to come tomorrow and see her. This makes mom nervous as Bryn is not a gentle child.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lauren's surgery went well. While closing the VSD they found she had a small ASD as well so they closed that hole too. She did very well. She has been out of surgery for 2 hours now. She is off the ventilator but still has some O2 by way of a nasal cannula. If all goes well she will have the chest tube out tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers and help with the McKenna and Brynlee. We so very much appreciate it.