Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Move

Bryn has been crawling for 3 months now, and pulling herself up to the couch and other stationary objects throughout the house for a few months as well. I have been okay with this type of movement, not a ton of damage can be done. However, we have just reached a new type of movement... climbing onto those stationary objects. This past week I came out of the kitchen to find my child half way up the stairs and clearly proud of herself. While folding laundry on the couch I looked over to see her standing on top of a chair. With this new mobility also come the awareness that cupboard doors can be opened and the contents within removed. Oodles of fun I tell you. Kenna will say "She's on the MOVE" if she sees Bryn heading for something she shouldn't. We have been hearing this phrase a lot these days.

Easter Morning

In their Easter baskets they each got a blanket and a small stuffed bunny, Kenna got a Barbie, Bryn got a few binki's. Candy of course for Kenna, Bryn we put puffs in her eggs. In the family basket came the movie Enchanted and a game Hi-Ho- Cherry-O (only because I am sick of playing Candy Land and Memory). Bryn was so excited when she found a binki in her basket and was in awe when I opened an egg for her. Bryn also has a new trick, it is going from sitting to standing with out having to grab onto anything and pull up! We hosted dinner at our house. Dan made an amazing ham as did Stephanie then everyone else brought the extras. All of the adults were able to sit at the dining room table. We brought up our extra one for the kids. Kenna was in Heaven it couldn't have been any better for her Thomas, Kyle and Spencer all at her house! After dinner the kids played and played while the adults were able to talk and enjoy each others company. We have the greatest friends we would be lost out here with out them!

Easter Celebrations

On Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt with friends at a local park. It was freezing cold but Kenna didn't mind she was running all over the place and oops slipped and fell into a big pile of mud right before the hunt was to start. She was a little upset.
Other than that she had a ton of fun finding eggs and putting them in her basket.
Later that evening we dyed easter eggs and set out our baskets for the Easter Bunny.
Brad had a good time hiding candy all over our living room and making this M for Kenna out of M&Ms . Then I did the Baskets.

A visit from Grandma

My mom was able to come out for a few weeks this month and we had fun. She gave me a sewing lesson, I made two blankets for the girls (as seen in the Easter photos), a sun dress for Kenna, a Blanket for my friend Stephanie, and a hooded towel for Kenna. Kenna of course slept smack dab next to her every night and brought every book we had to her for it to be read. We went out Lancaster hit the outlet mall, snickered at the Amish (just kidding we just stared like idiots who had never seen a horse and buggy or a beards that long). These are some other things that we did:
This book is her favorite. We had checked it out from the Library it was read so many time I think my mom has it memorized. It comes highly recommended.
Grandma took her to her favorite place Build a Bear Workshop. Here they built two Elephants (one for her one for Whitney) and a dinosaur for Ryan. After this we all went to lunch and then to the movie Horton Hears a Who. This was my favorite book when I was little my dad still has the first page and a half memorized. She is still talking about this days later.
Longwood Gardens was another stop for us. It was fun they had the Orchid festival going on, so Orchids everywhere. We took at least 100 pictures just of flowers. Kenna went on a scavenger hunt she got a stamp at various stations through out the indoor gardens. Another highlight was that the indoor children's garden was open. It is such a neat place. She walked all over and made herself exhausted. As we were leaving she said "this has been a beautiful day". She was right it was.
We had a good time and the 2 weeks really flew by. We are excited to be able to do to their house in a few days (thank you Dad).

All I want is my Sister.

After trying everything under the sun to get poor Bryn to be happy and failing time and time again I decided to let Kenna have a go at it. So Kenna held out her arms Bryn lunged out of my arms toward her sisters and here they sat for the longest time Kenna snuggling and Bryn QUIET (finally) and fell asleep.

Dance class

Kenna has been given the opportunity to take ballet and tap (thank you Grandma Murray). She is having an absolute ball with it. Here is a picture of her on her first day(March 3). It is every Monday and then at family home evening she shows us what she has learned. She has a recital in June and can't wait to wear her costume and dance on a stage. She is such a girly girl. They let us take a few pictures before class started it was impossible to get one of her looking at the camera she was so intrigued with her self in the mirror.

Art work

I am having a really hard time wanting to wash this off of my wall. Kenna came up to me a few weeks ago with a pencil in her hand and said
"Mom I am sorry I disappointed you"
I had two thought almost simultaneously,
1. "where did you learn the word disappointed?"
2. (actually spoken) "What did you do!?"
She took me into the living room and above the heater vent she had drawn a picture of our family. I thought it was rather good for a 3 year old but not wanting to condone writing on the wall she was sentenced to 3 minutes on the top step and lost pencil and crayon privileges for the rest of the day. It was hard to get a good picture so I hope you can see it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little Bryn

She looked so cute and so much like my sister Tiffany with her hair up like this that I had to take a picture. Big blue eyes, peachy cheeks hair poking up on top. I called her Tiff twice today. I will hunt and find a picture of Tiff at this age and post it so everyone can see the similarities. Tiff this is what your kids will look like.
This is a fish face that she has figured out she can do. I am so glad that I have a fast camera now so I can capture this as it only lasts a few seconds.

Mail in a Box

Let us not be confused with the various types of mail, here they are (according to my 3 yr old)
"Envelopes kind"- this is your standard mail delivered to the mail box
"Brown truck mail"- dropped off by the UPS man and usually for dad
"Mail in a box"- can come from the Brown truck but is usually from the white FedEx truck and for the kids from a Grandma.
We got the Mail in a box kind this past week from Grandma Murray, with cute clothes, valentine dogs and candy, and Dance Lessons for Kenna. She is so excited to start Ballet, it took some looking but we found a group that would take her late. She has a pink leotard, white ballet shoes and white tights. She starts on Monday

Big Blue Eyes

My kids have many features that I love, but my all time favorite is there huge eyes. Brad took this picture of Bryn and it captured not only the size but also the amazing blue color that they are. We call them Great Grandpa Wade eyes as they are my Moms Dads color. I hope they stay this Blue.


Kenna loves to cook. So after a few days of begging I let her help me make some Brownies. They turned out very good, they had to they were from a box. I am sure however, they would not have been as delicious if she had not worn the chef hat and cupcake apron. After each ingredient that she added she would say "I need to see the directions", and then look at the back of the box. I think I like the Preschool age best.

Some Snow

We woke up the other day to some snow. Kenna played outside all morning. We had footprints and snow angels all over our yard. She had such a good time. I had just finished shoveling the driveway and sidewalks and heard Mom look a mountain! I turned around and saw her standing next to this pile of snow up to her knees and thought; "wow we need to get you out to Idaho more". Anyway I laughed and took her picture. If you would like to see some real snow mountains look at my sister Jessica's blog. Unfortunately the snow only stayed around for a few days.