Wednesday, January 27, 2010

  1. As my time in Philadelphia is growing to a close, (105 days at time of this post), I am finding myself a little torn. Part of me can hardly wait to get out of here and start the next phase of our lives as contributing members of society, receiving a paycheck rather than a quarterly interest statement. While the other part is a little sad to leave. I have learned a lot, met a ton of wonderful people that will be life long friends, and have enjoyed all that the east side of this wonderful country has to offer. This is my top 10 things learned in Philadelphia.
  • Speed limits are merely suggestions
  • Green means go and Yellow means GO FASTER
  • You have 5 solid seconds after a light turns red to still go through it.
  • Never for any reason park in the city.
  • No matter what you hear about Pat's or Gino's the best place to get a cheese steak is at Old City Pizzeria
  • Rita's Water Ice is the best thing ever on a nasty humid hot day.
  • WATER is said ouwader
  • A Broadway show at the Kimmel Center is every bit as good as a Broadway in NY
  • Lancaster has some the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen
  • All cities should be set up on a grid system with all streets running N,S, E, W. As this is not the case the team that put together the Garmin GPS is all going to Heaven.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Her Royal Highness

Kenna thought Lauren needed a crown. As Lauren is a needed child and demands a lot of attention we have nick named her "Her Royal Highness".