Sunday, June 15, 2008

Qualities I love about my dad. -His gift of Gab. He can talk to anyone. -His ability to laugh in all situations. Even when we were in trouble and being scolded we would always leave the room laughing. -making all situations fun. (Yellowstone can be boring lots of buffalo, slowly dissipating elk herds. Dad always made it fun) -Always follows the spirit (even when it seems inconvenient) -Truly enjoys his posterity. (they truly enjoy him as well, Kenna has her imaginary Grandpa show up once in awhile when she misses him) -Generosity What I have learned from my Dad. ( a lot but these are a few of the things that he would say) Buy low sell high Save your money KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS (this was heard the most during the years of 1993 and 1999 while he was the Bishop) Don't do dumb Always pay your tithing (old brown cars run better and longer if tithing is paid) That heavy breathing and slight increase in pressure around a small arm can go a ton farther and get a point across easier than a spanking. (doesn't work for My kids when I do it, only Brad and my dad can use this tactic) Read your scriptures Don't just be on time be early. Clean home is a happy home. Laughing can happen in any situation. Always find what is funny. A ways fulfil your calling in the church with a smile on your face (even if your calling involves winter camp outs) Everything can be an experiment (how many people will pull over in Yellowstone if you stop your car, get out, use your binoculars, and point out in the open.) Happy Fathers day!

Brad thank you for being such a great dad to Kenna and Bryn. We love you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

(Picture of Kenna talking to Uncle Blaine)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last few outings with Thomas

On Monday Thomas moves to Detroit. Or "Troit" as Kenna calls it and "B-Troit" as Thomas calls it. Kenna is more than a little saddened by this. So we are soaking up our Thomas fun while we can. Yesterday we went to Kehler's Gym.
Kenna and Thomas had a ton of fun and got themselves good and worn out. They all had a good time. Bryn enjoyed the crawling up and down everything. She was not a big fan of the ball pit. Hewitt on the other hand loved the ball pit and spent the majority of his time there.
So much fun was had that I enrolled Kenna in a
summer Gymnastics program that they have. 5 weeks 2 days a week at a very reasonable price (aka cheep!). She is excited to start and has for the moment forgotten about dance being over for the summer.
Today we went to the zoo. Thomas made the comment that he is not taking the zoo with him when he moves. I assured him that Detroit has its very own zoo and to not worry. Once again they ran themselves ragged and had a good time.

A funny Little Bryn story.

Bryn has recently fell in love with Baby dolls. She likes them all and gets excited if she sees one. She will love it, rock it, and give it a kiss. Kenna has a new doll Little Mommy cuddle and coo that she purchased all by herself after months of saving all of her quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies. It has been a bone of contention at our house the past few days, Bryn wants it, Kenna doesn't want to share it. Because she bought it herself and worked so hard for it I am not making her share.
Well yesterday I hear a scream and then, da da da da ( those of you with hardwood floors it was the noise of a small someone running). Bryn was coming around the corner with the doll in her arms holding it as tight as she could (almost like a football player would hold a football as they were running to the end zone) her eyes wide open. Kenna was hot on her heals screaming "that is mine! I only put it down for a minute."
The look on Bryn's face made me laugh, the fact that at 11 months old she knew she needed to run made me laugh harder. The picture is of her laughing at Brad pushing her in the swings by our house. She is so fun.

One funny kid.

I have decided that I like the 3 1/2 year age the best. Then again that is as far as I have gotten with a child so I may change my mind later. Kenna has done some very funny things lately that I thought I would share.
1) Her favorite movie is Brother Bear. We have it recorded on our DVR and it has been watched at least once a day. She knows how to work the remote and will rewind and listen to the Moose say "Gee Aay You're one big beaver" and laugh hysterically. She has gotten in the habit of calling me Adrienne, this is driving Brad and I crazy. So when she called me by Adrienne the other day she was told sternly, "I am not Adrienne", She looked at me smiled and said, "Gee aay you're one big beaver" and laughed harder than she does when the moose says it.She found herself so witty.
2) She really wants a dog. She asks daily, will run out the front door if she sees someone walking their dog to ask if she can pet it. She has imaginary ones ( I like those best), stuffed ones, and the memories of our dog Chloe we had in Idaho. Yesterday She was eating Spaghetti. I heard sit, sit, (then very happily) GOOD GIRL! I heard this a few more times. When I peaked around the corner I saw Kenna sitting in her chair holding a noodle up, Brynlee was standing next to the chair. If Brynlee would sit Kenna gave her the noodle.
3) She has recently learned how to do thumbs up. If she gets something she wants or if Brad or I do something she finds "good" she will give us a Thumbs up. The following are for sure to get a thumbs up: giving her a Popsicle, rolling her window down, taking her to a park.
She is such a fun kid we are so glad that she is ours!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Nasty Heat Wave

It has been in the high 90's and the mercury has touched 100 degrees here the past few days. It would be a little more tolerable if it weren't for that blasted humidity!!! So yesterday we had some friends over and got the pools out. The kids had a blast. They didn't seem to mind that Brad had just mowed the lawn and they were covered in grass. We did a hot dog lunch and had Popsicles for dessert. I know my kids took a fabulous nap. I am sure that the others did as well.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yo Ho a pirates life for me

I took the girls to the Franklin Institute today to see the Real Pirates exhibit. Very much worth the trip. It is all about the Whydah that crashed off the shore of Cape Cod Mass. in 1717. they had cannons, some of the treasure, swords, and many other pirate like things. I learned a ton. We love museums.It was very fun even though crowded with school kids (hello Friday what was I thinking). Because everything is old and recovered after decades from sea water they do not allow flash photography in side. But if you check out the above link you can see a few of the things that we saw. After we had gone through the exhibit we walked across the street to Logan square to eat lunch and then walked the few blocks back to the train station and headed home. Here are a few of the photos that we were able to take.
This is Kenna on the steps of the Franklin Institute. They had the front of the steps painted and so when you looked at it from the street it looked like an old map. She wanted to sit in the ship. Isn't she cute!
Here are the girls in front of the fountain at Logan Square. Kenna said to me as we were walking back to the train station, "Mom, I love our city". I would have to agree. Although it does have parts I could live with out, we really enjoy the area and the great venues that are offered to us. Our next stop is The Natural Science center.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Riding her bike.

Kenna and I had practiced all day the other day on riding her bike. She was having a hard time pedaling, steering, and watching where she was going (2 to many tasks) She finally had it mastered for the most part and couldn't wait until dad came home so she could show him. Before showing him that she could do it she asked if he knew how and if he would like to ride her bike. He said he could but only if she could help him. It was so funny! She now loves to ride her bike.


We went to Hershey a few weeks ago. This beautiful key chain and magnet came home with us. Brad's parents were with us and Sheri had purchased a few things. Kenna came up to me (holding Sheri's bag) and said "Mom, look!" I remember thinking to myself "huh Brianne and Tim must be some of Jamie's friends and that is why Sheri bought those." I responded to her by saying WOW! When we got home Sheri asked us who they were, she had thought I bought them just as I had thought she had. OOPS! Kenna does pick things up in the stores and I usually have to do a check before we leave. I don't know why I didn't ask "Who bought these" I will be the wiser next time!

Just a few cute photos

  1. Here are the girls in more twirly skirts that I made. I made myself one as well that matches this one so we can all match at the beach. I was a little frustrated that I couldn't get them to look at the camera at the same time or to get Bryn to not follow me away from where I put her for that matter. I made the bow too. I feel quite crafty!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bryn has a buddy

This is Bryn's little buddy Tanner. He is the only kid that she gets excited about seeing. He is 3 months older than her and so he can do more things but she sure likes to try to keep up. They sat this way on the blanket for a good 45 seconds while we took pictures.

Last day

Kenna had her last day of Preschool. She sure had fun this year. This is a picture of her class with her teacher.