Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Bryn now has enough hair to do pigtails they are a little dorky but at least she no longer looks neglected. She has significantly more hair then Kenna did . Here are photos of both of them at 20 months in their pigtails.
Kenna's pigtails
Bryn's pigtails

I should have taught her this months ago

I taught Kenna how to make a Peanut butter and Honey sandwich a few weeks ago. This has changed our lives for the good! If she is hungry she no longer wines at me she just takes care of her problem. Now we just need to work on the Peanut butter/ Honey ratio they turn out a little thick but she likes them.

Cute Kid

Bryn has been making us laugh at every turn these days. She is talking up a storm for a 20 month old. Here are some of the things that she says and the interpretations.
Hanny Manny= Handy Manny her favorite t.v show
Abu= I want to watch Aladdin
Murry Murry= Singing Row Row Row your boat this is Merrily Merrily
Gan pa= Grandpa she asks daily for him and then will ask "what he do in? Meetin"
kiat= Quiet usually yelled at Kenna when Bryn is trying to watch Hanny Manny if quiet doesn't happen she will shout
Top it= Stop it
I esoos= I excused after she is done eating
Binee= Brynlee
I of u= I love you
bid= bib she insists on one when she eats and has to have the buckles on the booster seat done up.
Ebly obber = Heavenly Father
Tip= Tiffany the answer to the question "Bryn who do you look like"
Sunbeeb= Sunbeam see video of her singing
Words she says that need no interpretation
Mom, Dad, sandwich (she will bring you the peanut butter), cereal, potty, pity please, Kenna, Julia (the babysitter), Grandma (she will bring my the phone), more, nite nite, Binky, blanket, Jesus, Thank you, and hello, bye, eyes, ears, hairs (she throws an s on the end of it), Finish.