Friday, September 10, 2010

Bryn goes to the Dentist.

Bryn had an appointment the other day with the Dentist. She was very excited to go. They love Dad's office. She was a little confused at first when I told her we were going to the Dentist, she kept saying we are going to have Dad do it Mom. It was hard for her to understand that Brad has more than one role in life.

I thought she would be nervous as the last time we went to the Dentist she was. She was anything but scared. I guess since Brad looks in their mouths on almost a daily basis this made it no big deal. She now refers to him as Dr. Dad Murray (so cute).
Just as a side note: as I was waiting I noticed his diploma on the wall and framed. It made me smile. I had only seen it in a folder, it looks so much more impressive when it is matted and framed.


Chy said...

So very cool, my kids are super scared of the Dentist.... how cool would it be to have dad be the dentist!