Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I wanted your advice I would have asked!

I got my fair share of unsolicited advice on parenting today. If people are trying to make their quota; don't suggest anything to me this month, wait until next. Otherwise you will have a more socially inappropriate response than was your intrusion was on my parenting.

Incident number 1) At story time this morning with Bryn. 10:45 hits and Lauren is reading to nurse, so she comes over and tugs a little on my shirt. Now I understand that nursing in public may bother some so when we are out I use my Hooter Hider (yes that is what it is called). A stranger next to me asked how old my baby was. I replied she just turned one. I then received an ear-full from this woman on how if my "child" (a one year old is still a baby thank you) tugs on my shirt than she is too old to still nurse. I was shocked and found myself justifying to stranger as to why I am nursing (had heart surgery, a lot of environmental changes etc.). Left library angry at this woman and mad at myself for feeling like I had to justify my actions to her.
Incident number 2) This afternoon I had to go to Target for a few things. I had a choice to make before I left my house. Option one take unhappy Bryn to Target and have a miserable shopping experience. Option two take Bonjor Butterfly (Bryn dressed as a butterfly she calls herself bonjor butterfly) with me to Target and have a wonderful experience. I chose to take BonJor Butterfly with me. Most people got a kick out of a 3 year old dressed as a butterfly sitting in a cart and singing her heart out. However one Nosie Nelly ( the clerk) had to question if I was teaching her to be socially appropriate by allowing her to go to the store dressed as a butterfly. Determined not to walk out of the store mad at myself, I asked the girl if she had any kids, her response was no (of course). I then told her that one day she may and she will learn that sometimes the little things aren't worth a big fight. The mother behind me said "well put".


The Whitings in Philly said...

Good post. I think you're a great example of a mom and so many people out there just don't understand. You are taking great care of your kids (baby!). They are lucky to have a mom that nurses them for as long as they need/want and that lets them have fun!

Genevieve said...

people kill me with their advice! i love that she went dressed up as a butterfly- madilyn just wore her tutu grocery shopping, to the mall, and to a primary meeting!! any mother will just smile :)

stephanie624 said...

I can't believe they would actually say that right to you! How rude! I am glad you said something though, I probably would have taken it and then cried in the car. I agree, well put.